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IST/Alameda parking – Unlimited Access Cards – applications open from 1st to 12th October

Applications for IST/Alameda parking are open from 1st to 12th October 2018.

According to Técnico’ s car parking regulations, the users included in Annex I can apply for unlimited access cards to Alameda car parking.

Applicants who have access to Técnico Login area – Fénix – (PhD students and scholars who have an employment relationship with IST or IST-ID) should submit the documents via Fénix. Applicants who have already a card, either limited or unlimited, should access Fénix website and chose the option for unlimited access card renewal.

Members of APIST, AEIST, IPSFL, visiting researchers, members of Research Units at IST and ADIST scholars must apply for the card through Fénix. Those who have not yet a Fénix login must access the website:, fill the documents and deliver them at DSI – Computer and Network Services. After you get a Fénix login, please access your personal area, choose “Parking” and apply for the access card (please enclose all the requested documents).

Research Units and Academic Units at Técnico shall deliver to the Parking Management a list of car parking users, specifying the category: Visiting Researcher or PhD Researcher (FCT scholarship – an official document from FCT is required) and IST Staff.

IMPORTANT – The unlimited access cards already assigned to Faculty and non-teaching staff do not require a renewal. The date will be renewed automatically. Parking management must be informed about any change of vehicle.