Parking permits – Alameda campus 2019/2020 – Applications open until 13th October

The application forms for unlimited access cards 2019/2020 must be submitted from 1st to 13th October 2019.

The application forms for unlimited access cards 2019/2020 must be submitted from 1st to 13th October 2019.

According to Técnico’s car parking regulations, the users listed in Annex I can apply for unlimited access cards.

  • Applicants who have access to FénixEdu – (PhD students and scholars who have an employment relationship with Técnico or IST-ID) should submit the documents via Fénix (personal area-parking)
  • Applicants who have already a card, either limited or unlimited, should access Fénix website and choose the option for unlimited access card renewal.
  • Members of APIST, AEIST, IPSFL, visiting researchers, members of Research Units at IST and ADIST scholars must apply for the card through Fénix.
    • Those who have not yet a Fénix login must submit a request for temporary access to the computer and network services at Técnico. The documents should be delivered in NSU-SI.
    • After you get a Fénix login, you should use your IST-ID and access your personal area, choose “Parking” and apply for the access card
    • Research Units and Academic Units at Técnico shall deliver, until 13th October, a list of car parking users to the Parking Management, specifying: Visiting Researcher or PhD Researcher (FCT scholarship – an official document from FCT is required) and IST Staff.
    • Retired professors should fulfill the application form and deliver it in the department of origin, pending the decision of the Parking Management.

• The unlimited access cards already assigned to Faculty and non-teaching staff do not require a renewal. Parking management must be informed about any change of vehicle.

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