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Keep in Touch 2018 – A journey back to Técnico

The event is part of the celebrations of the 107th anniversary of Instituto Superior Técnico and aims to bring the IST community together.

Keep in Touch took place this Wednesday, May 23, and brought together former and current students, as well as their families, who are used to hear about “the magic of engineering” and how “they miss Técnico”. So “it didn’t take much” to convince them to attend this event. “As soon as I heard about this event I came right away!”, said Leonor under the watchful eye of her brother Fernando Oliveira, a Computer Engineering student.

Inês Sinogas arrived a few minutes before Leonor, with her brothers and her father Pedro Sinogas, a Técnico alumnus. She came to see “the exhibition organised by her mother and to know the place where her parents work and talk so much”, explains Inês. She wants to be an engineer or a singer, “maybe at the end of the day I just want to be an engineer”, said Inês with a naughty smile. “These events are extremely important to us and to Técnico, not only because we celebrate the history of the school but also because we join together”, stressed Pedro Sinogas.

Several dozens of alumni, faculty and staff attended the different activities organised by the school under the motto “a journey through time”. Guided visits to departments, photo exhibitions, bioengineering experiments, math board games, legos and drones were some of the activities offered to the public.

João and Beatriz, children of Ana Silva, a Técnico alumna, were fascinated with the robots at Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) and FST cars. “My mother talks a lot about the magic of engineering and she says that the future is built here”, says João. “She says that she misses Técnico very much so we came with her today to see that if it’s true”, adds Beatriz. “I am sure that I will be tempted to share many stories with them but, at the end of the day, they will realise that many interesting and funny things happen here”, says the alumna.

At the end of the day the president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, shared a wish: “I hope that you had fun and that you had learned today”. Beatriz and João stayed with their mother until the end of the event. “It was true after all!!! Now there are three of us who will miss Técnico”, confessed Beatriz and João, promising that “we will drag our mother next year”. “You will repeat this event next year, won’t you?”, asked Beatriz.

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