Campus and Community

Keep in Touch brings together the next generation of students

The event brought together generations and families with a link to Técnico.

Caio is a 5-year old boy, his father is professor at Técnico and it was easy persuading him to attend Keep in Touch, an annual event that brings together alumni from different generations. “I came here because I want to be a scientist or an astronaut and I want to see molecules, planets and everything”, said Caio.

Alumni, faculty and employees attended this event with their families and friends. Particle accelerator simulations, 3D architecture elements, HD videos on Mars and Social Robots demonstrations were some of the activities available to the community. The drone demonstrations and Formula Student were the highlights of the event.

Engineer João Faden, Mechanical Engineering alumnus, brought their daughters Francisca (15 years old) and Leonor (12 years old) to this event because “it’s an interesting activity that gives them knowledge and I am sure that they will have fun at the same time”.

“Let’s see the event from above”, said Tatiana Ferreira to her friends on their way to South Tower. This group of friends knew about Keep in Touch during Futurália and they decided to come. “I will come here in a few months. I could not have liked it better”, said Tatiana who will soon apply to university.

Almost at the end of the event all people met at the main building’s entrance and made a toast to Técnico. The President of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, made his speech noting that “this celebration reflects how much we like this school and how good it is to be part of it”.

The performance of male and female “tunas” took place at the beginning of the night, just before the end of the event. As the younger ones were leaving, professor Arlindo Oliveira told them that he hoped to see them in the future as Técnico students. Caio said that he would return “to become the best scientist in the world”.