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Lab2Market@Técnico highlights 5 top-notch projects

Another edition of Lab2Market@Técnico took place last Wednesday, with the support of i-deals and Everis Portugal.

“The technology and products we have seen here are top notch. Sometimes, we have the feeling that Portugal lags behind when it comes to some things, but certainly not when it comes to Engineering and Technology. We are as good as any other European country or any country in the world”, stressed Stephan Morais, Técnico alumnus, General Manager Partner at Indico, and member of the jury panel of another successful edition of Lab2Market@Técnico, held last Wednesday, June 9.

The vice-president of Técnico for Operations & Enterprise Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral, praised the teams and highlighted “it is very important to see that there are an increasingly number of teams attending this event, every year, and that they are more prepared to face the market needs”.

During the acceleration programme and with the support of i-deals, the teams had the opportunity to bring their technologies and products closer to what the market is looking for, thus increasing their value proposition. The projects developed at Técnico laboratories were “Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing”, “CDWalue”, “Alloci, “DentalBioMatrix” and “FlexiBranes”.

The “Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing” project aims to provide a unique, innovative and reliable way to perform multiaxial fatigue testing through an easy-to-assemble kit or as a testing service.

The “CDWalue” team developed an innovative process for separating concrete waste, which promotes the value of construction and demolition waste.

Based on an Artificial Intelligence system, the “Alloci” project helps building managers and companies to achieve better control of buildings, improving employee (thermal) comfort and minimizing energy-related costs.

The “DentalBioMatrix” project helps dentists who want to stand out in a competitive market. It offers an injectable, animal-free product for periodontal regeneration, reducing time and costs, and improving patient satisfaction.

The “FlexiBranes” team has developed an innovative process that uses scalable and cost-effective ion implantation techniques for the production of flexible nanomembranes and Ga2O3 microtubes.

The members of the jury panel José Guerreiro de Sousa (Armilar Venture Partners), João Ventura Fernandes (Bionova Capital) and David Braga Malta (LiMM, Vesalius Biocapital), praised the teams and projects, and left some advice.