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Mathematics Winter School: a gateway to knowledge

The 12th Mathematics Winter School (EIM2020) brought together students from Técnico and from other schools.

The Mathematics Winter School (EIM) is a unique opportunity for passionate about mathematics to discover more about its applications, the various career paths for a graduate, or simply to learn more. About 30 participants – students from Técnico and from other schools – made the most of EIM2020, organised by the Department of Mathematics (DM).

Professor Conceição Amado’s lecture, held this Wednesday, 5th February, focused on the importance of data science, the amount of data in the digital age, the decision-making in the digital age and the importance of sampling. The professor also recalled the 4 V’s of Big Data – volume, velocity, variety and veracity – and stressed the important role of sampling in this area to define strategies or solutions.

EIM2020 included lectures by faculty and Técnico alumni, and a session organised by NMATH, where the participants competed in teams to solve a set of problems related to mathematics and programming.