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Mathematics Winter School at Técnico

This initiative, which is organised by the Department of Mathematics, aims to disseminate the different research areas and to attract more students to MSc in Mathematics and Applications.

The 9th edition of Mathematics Winter School (MWS) took place from 6 to 8 February at Abreu Faro Amphitheatre. About 60 students from Técnico and from other universities attended this event, which included minicourses and debates on Mathematics.

Professor Maria João Borges, from the organisation team, noted the importance of this event: “On the one hand, the Department of Mathematics organises the MWS in order to disseminate the different research areas of Mathematics and its applications; on the other hand, it’s a way to attract students to the Master programme”.

João, Student of Electrical and Computer Engineering, enrolled in the Winter School because he likes Mathematics and because he considers it useful for his Master’s thesis. “Although I am attending a MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, I really like Mathematics and I will present my thesis on optimisation, which involves a lot of mathematical concepts”, he explained.

During the Winter School, the participants had the opportunity to learn and apply Algebra, Control and Computation concepts.