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More than 300 finalists already have a Técnico Business Card

The personalised visit card offered by the school has been captivating the students who will enter the labour market this year.

The first edition of Técnico Business Cards had already captivated the students. Now, in this edition the number of interested students has tripled. 240 students collected their cards yesterday at Banco Santander Totta agency located in Instituto Superior Técnico.

According to Carla Patrocínio, coordinator of the Technology Transfer Office, the success of this second edition reflects “not only getting the word out among colleagues, but also the dissemination of this innovative initiative in Portugal”.

The business card, which includes personal data of each student, has been captivated students. The feedback is very positive, namely in what concerns the idea and the design. “Students who have already used their cards told us that the employer’s reactions have been very positive”, shared Carla Patrocínio. The first business cards were delivered during a formal ceremony edition, but this time the place chosen was Santander Totta agency at Técnico, where students had the opportunity to collect their business cards. According to professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, Vice-president of IST for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations, “this initiative is only possible thanks to the partnership between Técnico and Banco Santander Totta, which is one of the members of our partner network.

Carla Patrocínio adds that “a new edition is planned for September and the business cards delivery is planned to occur in October”. All final year students are eligible to apply for these business cards, as long as they keep Técnico email address active ( and associate a mobile phone number to Técnico Business Card.