Campus and Community

New students arrive at Técnico

The new students were welcomed by NAPE – Student Support Unit, with the support of hundreds of mentors.

Técnico welcome week was once again a success.

As in previous years, both at Alameda campus and Taguspark, the new students of each course had a specific day to get to know better each campus, departments, student groups and, above all, their colleagues, through NAPE’s Mentoring programme.

Ana Rita, 18 years old, entered Aerospace Engineering course. She was born in Porto and chose Técnico because it’s the most prestigious engineering school at national and international level. “I was very surprised when I was welcomed by a mentor, an older colleague, and I think it’s a very good idea”, she said. “I think this welcome session is very well organised and prevent us from being lost without knowing what to do.”

Mentors welcomed the new students during all week, taking them to a tour around the campus and helping them in any way necessary.

This year, four Técnico courses ranked in the national top-10 list of the highest average admission grades on higher education.
Engineering Physics and Aerospace Engineering had the highest admission grades at national level. Applied Mathematics and Computation, and Biomedical Engineering also integrated the list. The vacancies of all courses, with the exception of Civil Engineering, were occupied in the first phase.