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SINFO opens its doors to 6000 people interested in Computer Engineering

This year’s first IST Career Week brought together some of industry’s most renowned names at Técnico.

SINFO – IT Week at Instituto Superior Técnico ended this Friday, after five days of full activity that included lectures, workshops and company presentations.

Software Engineering, Multimedia, Security, Games and Disruptive Technology were the topics of this 24th edition, which was attended by almost 6000 participants.

Jessica McKeller, former Director of Engineering at Dropbox, Michelle Robinson, Character Look Supervisor at Walt Disney, Andrew Hintz, Security and Software Engineering at Google, Mike Ambinder, Experimental Psychologist at Valve and Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino attended SINFO to share their experience, give advice to the young people, clarify some doubts and, above all, to inspire a new generation of computer engineers.

The companies that attended this event could contact directly with the students and took the opportunity to recruit talents. This year’s big success was Nostalgica – a videogame museum that allowed participants to experience new emotions.