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Técnico alumna selected as Siebel Scholar 2021

Inês Godet was one of 92 exceptional students selected as Siebel Scholar.

The Técnico alumna Inês Godet has been selected as Siebel Scholar. After completing her studies in Biological Engineering at Técnico she got into Johns Hopkins University to do her PhD and to fulfill her dream of helping in the fight against cancer. In 2017, she won Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo Award, delivered by Técnico.

Siebel Scholars recognizes the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, bioengineering and energy science. Each year, more than 90 exceptional students are selected as Siebel Scholars based on academic excellence and leadership potential. Inês Godet was one of the 5 students selected in the bioengineering area.

Currently, more than 1,400 exceptional students are Siebel Scholars. “Happy and fulfilled”, this is how the Técnico alumna feels about this recognition. “This is an important milestone that distinguishes my PhD work, which is extremely rewarding and motivating to go further”, says Inês Godet.

“I think that the impact of my first publication, and its consequent recognition, were decisive factors that positively influenced the jury. The fact that I have mentored several students and my collaboration in several projects might have been relevant”, says the Técnico alumna.

In 2017, Inês Godet received an international EACR grant. After that, she was distinguished with six top presentation awards. Her research has led to six peer-reviewed publications, including recently in Nature Communications. “I love what I do. I think that, when I talk or write about my work, I do it with great passion. Maybe that’s what differentiates me from others”, she says.

Inês Godet is a member of the Rapid Autopsy Program at Hopkins and is on call 24 hours a day to preserve critical samples whose study will shape the future of cancer research. She is an active board member of the Portuguese American Postgraduate Society and she has mentored 11 students, two of whom earned Provost’s Undergraduate Research Awards. “The five years I spent at Técnico were remarkable and full of unforgettable moments”, she stresses. “Being involved in several projects opens many doors, leads to new contacts and opens up new opportunities. This is how I live my life and it has been inspiring to see that one thing leads to another”, she adds.

“Seeing the enthusiasm of the students I supervise, formulating and testing hypothesis, seeing its scientific confirmation, optimizing protocols and discovering how to improve them effectively… this is what really inspires me”, she shares.

Each student receives a $35,000 award toward their final year of graduate studies. After completing her PhD, Inês Godet intends to follow a postdoctoral position within cancer research.