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Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program 2022 achieved a record number of registered participants

The most recent edition of the program started last Thursday, March 24, with a networking session that brought together mentors and mentees.

The most recent edition of the Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program 2022 kicked off last Thursday, March 24, with a networking session that brought together 50 alumni mentors and 80 students. The President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, stressed the importance of the alumni giving back to their alma mater.

The Vice-president of Técnico for Operations & Corporate Partnerships, professor Pedro Amaral, underlined the importance of the Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program for former students, who have the opportunity to share their academic and professional experience, and for current students, who can get advice from people who have been in their shoes. Professor Pedro Amaral announced the launch of the Técnico Alumni Network platform in the coming months.

The coordinator of the Technology Transfer Unit (TT@Técnico), Carla Patrocínio, presented the general lines of action of the program.

“We bring back our alumni to meet our current students, to clarify their doubts about the academic and professional paths, to guide and support them in their decisions and to help them build a network of contacts, with a natural empathy of those who have been in their shoes”, says Sofia Cabeleira, coordinator of the Técnico Alumni Network.

Rui Ventura, a current student, highlights the importance of the program for students: “This program is a great way to connect with professionals in our areas of interest, to get advice and tips from professionals who have been in our shoes and who have been through situations and challenges that lie ahead of us”. “I think this program is very important for any student who wants to know more about the job market and to show that the job market is not such a big deal”, he adds.

“This has been an emotional return to Técnico. I lived unique moments here, of learning and of some anguish, and I made friends for life”, says Vera Norte, mentor and Técnico alumna. “I am very happy to come back and to be able to participate once again in such a noble way. I am a mentor and coach in other programs, but this one will certainly be special because I will help younger colleagues pass through this stage”, added the former student.

This year, the program saw a record number of applicants. More than 400 people applied for the program – 200 alumni and more than 200 students. The contact between mentors and mentees will continue after this session.