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Técnico honours its community on 112th anniversary celebration

Instituto Superior Técnico marked its anniversary by honouring professors, researchers and staff.

Técnico honoured its community on 112th anniversary celebration. The solemn ceremony took place in the Great Hall, at Alameda Campus, on 23rd May, where several community members were awarded.

The professors and researchers who have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the dynamism of Instituto Superior Técnico were awarded the title of Distinguished Professor. Luís Oliveira e Silva was elected “for his exceptional contributions and impact on international science, for the creation of a group of excellence and for his remarkable vision and leadership at Instituto Superior Técnico”, and Vítor Cardoso was elected “for his scientific contributions at an international level, for having developed a scientific area of growing relevance and for his teaching excellence at Instituto Superior Técnico”.

During the afternoon, the Diplomas of Teaching Excellence were awarded to Técnico professors, as a result of their positive impact on students. The Diplomas were delivered to about 250 professors (among the 397 who stood out), from the 11 Departments.

The Outstanding Teaching Award recognises and encourages teaching excellence. The award criteria are based on student evaluations of teaching performance. Luísa Coheur and João Fernandes were awarded for the 1st and 2nd cycles, respectively.

A medal was given to all members of Técnico community for 25 years of service, in recognition of their professionalism, competence and dedication to the public cause. Recently retired members were also honoured, as well as new hirings and career progressions.

The solemn ceremony was attended by the President of Instituto Superior Técnico, Rogério Colaço, the President of the Pedagogical Council, Teresa Peña, the Coordinator of the Post-Graduation Area, Júlia Oliveira, the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa, Luís Ferreira, the Secretary of State for Higher Education, Pedro Nuno Teixeira, and the Minister of the Economy and Maritime Affairs, António Costa Silva.