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Técnico invites its community to participate in the Gender Scan survey 2021

The Gender Scan survey will assess students and staff perception with regard to the gender balance policies implemented at Técnico.

Gender equality is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN). In order to fulfill this goal, Técnico develops several programmes and initiatives, involving the entire School, to promote inclusion in general, and the culture of gender equality in particular.

This year, in line with these initiatives and in the pursuit of this goal, the GenderBalance@Técnico joins the Gender ScanTM global survey carried out in partnership with UNESCO and international associations on gender equality in Science and Technology. In 2019, the survey was conducted in 130 countries, with 15,000 respondents of both sexes aged over 18 years old.

“Técnico and the GenderBalance@Técnico have designed and carried out several activities aimed at reducing some inequalities in hiring and promotion, and work management”, stresses professor Alexandre Bernardino, co-coordinator of Gender Balance@Técnico. “We are conducting this survey to find out if the Técnico community is aware of these measures and their impact on campus life”, highlights the professor.

We invite the whole community to participate in the survey: students, researchers, faculty and staff. The questionnaires were based on the recommendations of experts and sociologists from the different topics covered in the survey. The survey takes just over 10 minutes to complete. “The higher the sample size, the more reliable results. In general, more than 200 respondents per each focus group provide a good sample size , which is, in fact, the minimum number of responses that we will have to obtain in order to be able to achieve the survey objective”, says professor Alexandre Bernardino.

“By participating in this survey, we will have access to anonymised statistical data organised by demographic data and respondent profiles, which will be disclosed to the community”, says professor Alexandre Bernardino. “This will allow us to assess the work that has been done and to design and implement new policies. We will also have access to survey data that will allow us to compare with other similar institutions in other countries ”, stresses the co-coordinator of Gender Balance@Técnico.

Click on the following links to access the survey.

Student questionnaire.

Employee questionnaire (faculty, researchers and staff).