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Técnico joins the European Genomic Data Infrastructure

The European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) project was launched earlier this week in Brussels. The project involves a consortium of partners from 20 European countries. Técnico is one of the 54 partner institutions.

In this project, Técnico is responsible for installing the computing and software infrastructure, data management and preservation to be used in genomic research by BioData, which, with the Dr. Ricardo Jorge National Institute, are the two GDI beneficiaries in Portugal.

The project aims to unlock the potential of human genomics for healthcare, research and innovation. This will create unprecedented opportunities to improve healthcare in the European Union by allowing access to and sharing of nearly 1 million human genomes and related clinical data.

The €40 million GDI project is jointly funded by the European Commission and through co-funding from participating Member States. The four Portuguese entities involved in this project are Técnico, University of Aveiro, BioData and the National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge.

The Técnico researchers who participate in the GDI are: Ana Teresa Freitas; José Borbinha; Fernando Mira da Silva; Mário Silva.