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Técnico, RapidTool and TJ Moldes team up to produce medical shields

Técnico researchers delivered more than 1000 medical shields to several health units. Now, RapidTool and TJ Moldes joined Técnico to respond to numerous requests.

Técnico, RapidTool and TJ Moldes, in collaboration with AEIST, will deliver a giant offer of medical shields to hospitals and health units on 6th April. TJ Moldes and RapidTool will send hundreds of shield frames to Técnico every day, which will be equally distributed to the health units, according to their needs.

More than 1000 3D medical shields produced by Técnico researchers were delivered to more than 50 institutions since 24th March. Técnico would like to thank all those who have donated material, acetate and 3D-printed shield frames.

We still need acetates. Please send them to AEIST, so that the medical shields can be finished.

We ask all those who still have 3D-printed shield frames to send them to AEIST, in order to be delivered. However, it is not necessary to continue printing additional shield frames.

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