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Técnico signs a collaboration protocol with the Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology will provide support in the implementation of some of the measures resulting from the psychosocial risks (RPS) assessment.

This Friday, September 3, Técnico signed a collaboration protocol with the Faculty of Psychology – Universidade de Lisboa. This protocol will allow to follow up on some of the measures proposed by the Commission for Psychosocial Risk Assessment (CARP-T), after the assessment of psychosocial risks factors at Técnico.

The signing ceremony, held at Técnico – Alameda campus, was attended by the president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, and the Director of the Faculty of Psychology, professor Telmo Baptista.

“Looking at ourselves and being aware that some things might not be right and might have serious consequences on people’s mental health and on the productivity of services, is very important”, said professor Telmo Baptista.

The director of the Faculty of Psychology recalled the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and the demands of modern life, and stressed the consequences of all this on people’s quality of life. “We are available to help you and we are very keen to work with Técnico”, said professor Telmo Baptista.

“We would like to thank the Faculty of Psychology for their availability and support in this project that is so important for Técnico”, said professor Rogério Colaço, who also stressed that the well-being of all Técnico community is a priority of the School.

The ceremony was also attended by professor Isabel Ribeiro, Vice-president of Técnico for Administrative Modernization, Dr. Isabel Gonçalves, the coordinator of CARP-T,  and other members of CARP-T.

The collaboration protocol between Instituto Superior Técnico and the Faculty of Psychology envisages the availability of results of the psychosocial risks assessment carried out at Técnico, as well as all the documents produced on the global assessment already carried out. These data will be used exclusively for assessment, intervention and research purposes.

This protocol should lead to a more specific assessment, conducted by the Faculty of Psychology, on Técnico’s problematic services. A set of preventive and corrective measures in the context of psychosocial risks should be presented afterwards. The Faculty of Psychology will provide support in selecting a psychologist who will assess the psychosocial risks factors at Técnico.