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Técnico student is among the best trainees at Thales group

Miguel Felício, IST-ISAE Supaero double degree MSc student in Aerospace Engineering received the Thales Education award 2017 that distinguishes the best trainees at Thales group.

Miguel Felício had been fascinated by space since he was a little boy. In high school he realised that all his interests converged around the mathematical modeling of physical systems and later the modeling of aerospace vehicles. He ended up studying Aerospace engineering at Técnico. Currently he is a 5th year student and he received the Thales Education award 2017 that distinguishes the best trainees at Thales group.

The opportunity to carry out an Internship at Thales Alenia Space (TAS) arises as a result of the IST- ISAE Supaero double degree in Toulouse that he is attending. While studying in France he found “an educational system considerably different from ours”. The awarded student considers that “one of the biggest differences is that, in France, students have a close contact with the industry from an early stage”. In the past Miguel Felício had the opportunity to do an internship at EUMETSAT, in Darmstadt (Germany).

During the internship at Thales, he developed attitude and orbit control algorithms for space debris removal for e.Deorbit Mission – European Space Agency (ESA), which earned him this award. The algorithms “will allow to stop the spin of the space debris at a safe distance, using a new technology developed by TAS”, he says. Regarding this award the Técnico student said “I was very happy about the fact that Thales group was awarding me the Thales Education award 2017”. “This award was a result of a very enriching experience and it is a recognition of my work and dedication to this project, to the team and to TAS”, he adds.

Miguel Felício has already returned to Portugal and he is working in his master’s dissertation but he thinks that it’s too soon to know the real importance of this award. “My ultimate wish would be contributing for the construction of a satellite and to see it orbiting”, he concluded.