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Técnico students collect a large number of Secil Universities Awards

This is one of the most important awards at national level that distinguishes the talent and academic achievement of university students.

“Técnico swept to victory today at Secil Universities Awards”, said one of the thirteen winning students from Técnico during the ceremony held this Wednesday, June 21. Seven awarded projects out of sixteen were from Instituto Superior Técnico, namely from Architecture and Civil Engineering curricular units. The awards are delivered every four years to university students who carry out an individual work or group works, regarding 2103 and 2014.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Secil, Pedro Mendonça de Queiroz Pereira, this award is “a recognition of merit and talent”. Engineer Carlos Mineiro Alves, president of Ordem dos Engenheiros and architect José Manuel Pedreirinho, president of Ordem dos Arquitetos, congratulated this initiative and the winning projects for their “quality standards”.

The winners who represented Técnico in the Civil Engineering category were André Quinhones /João Serra, Taciano Correia, Pedro Esteves and, once more, João Serra this time competing individually. The students who stood out in the Architecture category were José Vieira and Rodrigo Henriques; as well as Ana Catarina Seabra/ Rita Póvoas, and Nuno Nascimento/Vasco Lima Mayer.

“I am proud and happy to receive this award”, confessed João Serra, who also noted that his victory was largely due to “our school of civil engineering that well prepared us” and the “experienced professors who taught us rigour and key skills”.

Catarina Seabra and Rita Póvoas were very proud. They recalled their commitment and dedication during the past year to this project. “We are very pleased that our work is recognised. We realise now the privilege of being here”, they said. “We thank Técnico for giving us the opportunity to carry out such projects, to meet outstanding professors who taught us a lot. We are here today and we thank Técnico for that”, they added.

The Secil Engineering Award 2014 was also delivered during the event. The winning project, entitled “Projeto do Aproveitamento Hidroelétrico do Baixo Sabor”, was carried out by an EDP multidisciplinary engineering team coordinated by engineer Domingos Silva Matos.