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Técnico students win 4 medals in the Inter-University Programming Marathon

The teams that represented Técnico in this programming marathon won two silver medals and two bronze medals.

The 2019 Inter-University Programming Marathon (MIUP) took place last Saturday, October 9. Although the FCUP team won the 1st place, the teams that represented Técnico in MIUP won two silver medals and two bronze medals.

“The Outlaws” team and the “Se eu Henriquecesse, Duarte-ia o dinheiro e prograMaria na mesma” team won the silver medals. “The Outlaws” solved the same number of exercises as the winning team – 8, but they took longer.

The “Runtime Terror” team and the “ISTémisére” team won the bronze medals.

This year, MIUP moved to Taguspark campus. The programming challenge consisted of solving 11 problems of varying difficulty, using the following programming languages: C, C++, Java or Python 3, in 5 hours. In total, 19 teams participated in MIUP, although only 17 teams were directly competing, two of which were invited as dictated by the rules of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

The 6 teams that represented Técnico in MIUP were composed of students from different engineering areas (Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Applications, Engineering Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering).

MIUP provides an excellent opportunity to test problem-solving skills. In addition to the competitive aspect, MIUP also allows for the interaction and exchange of experiences between students and professors from Portuguese Universities.