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“Técnico will be part of our lives forever”

The welcome session for new students took place this Monday at Alameda Campus.

This Monday took place the welcome session for new students at Alameda Campus.

Rodrigo do Ó, president of the Students’ Union at Instituto Superior Técnico (AEIST) was the first speaker and took the opportunity to “congratulate all new students” who joined Técnico this year.

“I know that Técnico has some of the most demanding courses of our country. We are proud that you had chosen Técnico, but our school goes beyond of what we usually call academic skills. Here, we want people who change society and shape it in their own image. You will certainly become good engineers, so you will be able to shape the national and international scene in your own image.

João Pires Ribeiro, student vice-president of the Pedagogic Council also attended the session and left some advice to the audience. “Have fun and study hard. The members of Pedagogic Council will always be available to help you.”

Professor Luís Oliveira e Silva, president of the Scientific Council, took the opportunity to tell the new students that: “First, you should be very pleased to be here. We feel very privileged today, congratulations to all of you”.

“We will prepare you to compete in international universities: MIT, Stanford and Caltech are our references. Técnico has a tradition of work, rigour, merit, and that’s why you are here.”

“We know that the coming years will be demanding (…) Your success is very important for us and we will work for it. Take advantage of the resources at Técnico. Only you can take this opportunity to be here and honour this name.”

The vice-president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, closed the session saying that: “Técnico has 105 years but it’s not an old school; it’s a school that never gets old because it welcomes new students every year – all of you.”

“Today begins a new life for all of you. Técnico will be part of our lives forever. The people you will meet here will also be part of your lives. Welcome to Técnico.”