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The excitement of new beginnings despite the pandemic

This Wednesday, the new students of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science and Engineering visited Alameda campus and met their future classmates.

Ricardo Vilela heard a lot about Técnico. His mother (Técnico alumna) “often talked about Técnico and I always had the idea of studying here”, says Ricardo Vilela. He entered Mechanical Engineering, but Aerospace Engineering was his first choice course. “Actually, I like both courses, so I’m happy anyway”, he said, smiling. “I was told that in the end our efforts will be rewarded, so I will focus on that”, he adds.

Diogo Braga entered his first choice course – Computer Science and Engineering – with a 18,5 admission average. “I think Técnico is a great school, and I won’t have any problems learning, which is my priority,” he says.

Guilherme Marujo (Mechanical Engineering) and Maria Costa (Architecture) shared the same mentor and visited Alameda campus together. “I love motorcycles, cars and everything that has to do with it, so choosing Mechanical Engineering was obvious”, says Guilherme Marujo. “I hope to have fun, meet new people and discover new things”.

Maria Sousa’s cousin studied at Técnico and she always wanted to follow the same path. There was a time when she still considered follow other options, but she did not want to give up studying at Técnico. “University life is always a new phase and a new beginning, but with this pandemic situation my expectations have dropped a little bit. I hope that our lives return to normal any time soon”, she says.