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The number of international students at Técnico is increasing

The number of international students at Técnico is increasing according to Infocursos. The wide range of data available on this platform, which provides updated information on undergraduate degrees, integrated masters and 2nd cycle masters, will help to understand how does the Portuguese higher education system work and the nationality of students enrolled in the various courses – including the percentage of Portuguese and international students enrolled in each course, in 2018 / 19.

This indicator allows to understand the growing number of international students in Portugal, mostly attending integrated master’s courses (five-year courses) and 2nd cycle courses. In the first case, the value has more than doubled over the last four years, from 4.9% to 10.2% in 2018/19. In 2nd cycle courses, the percentage of international students increased from 15.2% to 26.2% in the same period.

Although there is a percentage of international students attending almost all Técnico courses, most of them choose to study a Master course or integrated master course. In some cases, the large majority of students enrolled in a course come from other countries, such as Energy Engineering and Management – a total enrollment of 160 students made up of 121 international students – and Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering – a total enrollment of 95 students made up of 67 international students.

The masters courses with a higher percentage of international students are: Chemistry (46%) Petroleum Engineering (42%), Mining and Geological Engineering (36%) Architecture (27%), Environmental Engineering (28%), Materials Engineering (24%), Biotechnology (20%), Bioengineering and Nanosystems (19%).

“Técnico has always been an outward-looking university. We are among the 10, 12 best engineering schools in Europe so it’s easy to establish partnerships with other very good institutions and attract students”, highlights professor Fátima Montemor, vice-president for International Affairs at Técnico.

According to professor Fátima Montemor, “offering training in energy transition, artificial intelligence, data science and classical engineering” is a strategic priority.