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“This book is an extraordinary intellectual adventure around geostatistics and oil reservoirs”

These are the words of professor António Costa Silva regarding the book by Técnico professors Amílcar Soares and Leonardo Azevedo, recently launched.

The presentation of the book “Geostatistical Methods for Reservoir Geophysics” by Técnico professors, took place this Tuesday, June 27, at Décio Tadeu museum.

The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, atended the session and congratulated the authors for their work. According to professor António Costa Silva, CEO at Partex Oil and Gas, who also attended the session, “this book is an extraordinary intellectual adventure around geostatistics and oil reservoirs. It conveys passion and launches the future”, he said.

Professor Mário Figueiredo, whose experience in an area as distinct as data coding and compression, noted that “The book is very well written and reflects solid knowledge. Students, researchers and those interested on this topic must read this book”. “This book gives readers the opportunity to learn”, he concluded.

The authors, Leonardo Azevedo and Amílcar Soares, gave the final speeches, highlighting that this book is the result of a lot of work and “a passion” for this area of knowledge.

The work is focused on the most recent developments of geostatistical methodogies for integration of geophysical information in oil reservoir modelling and characterisation. The authors present and illustrate the stocastic models of seismic and electromagnetic inversion through case studies of reservoirs in Brazil, Angola and Middle East.