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Global Game Jam at Taguspark is a success

Don't Stress was voted the best game created at Taguspark during the weekend, followed by Sound of Darkness and Rubber Ducky League.

The 2017 edition of Global Game Jam (GGJ), which took place last weekend in different places worldwide, was held at Taguspark campus and organised by the Laboratório de Jogos, with the support of Miniclip.

The event brought together 65 participants who developed games on the topic “waves”: light waves, sound waves, radiation waves were some of the proposals presented by the different groups.

Professor Carlos Martinho explained that “Tens of thousands of people will be developing games at the same time during three days”. According to the professor, “multidisciplinary teams are key to develop good games, and for that we need to work with people from other areas, like here in this jam”.

The projects developed by students from Técnico and from other universities were presented in the last day. The game Don’t Stress was voted the best game created during the weekend at Taguspark campus, followed by the games Sound of Darkness and Rubber Ducky League.

For almost all participants, the best moment was “when things finally started to work”. The hard work and the frustrations that result from such projects were worth it. Next year we are expecting even more participants.

The projects developed at GGJ worldwide can be found here.