“Energy&Food Challenge” by EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity

Registrations are open until 26th February 2021.

The CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy (CU), partnered with Bios and the School Of Simple Living, is organising an amazing growth opportunity through an ideation process focused on Energy & Food.

 How do you envision a 2030 community regarding Food production and supply?

Imagine your community in 2030 and tell the story of your design through data or visualisation. From the questions about social responsibility of food production to its affordability, availability and fraud, Innovation is crucial to overcome current challenges and foster a more sustainable future.

Register and get on board of this four-week journey focused on innovation, sustainability, networking and brainstorming!

  • Who?
    The challenge “Energy&Food Challenge” is open to students, early professionals, enthusiasts, innovators and anyone who is willing to take a stance inside the Energy and Food sector. One can apply with a team of 3 to 5 people or apply in an open team.
  • When?
    The challenge will include 8 hours of online contact during March, divided along opening session, mentorship sessions and a final presentation.
  • Registrations
    Deadline: 26th February 2021. | Registration form.
  • Investment
    10Eur per participant (50% discount for CU members).
  • Prizes
    A 200eur card voucher; Growing Kits; Full access to School of Simple Living.

 More information.

Lisbon CommUnity (portuguese local group based in Instituto Superior Técnico).