Engineering and Management Specialisation Programme

Demand for engineers continues to rise in Portugal. According to the newspaper “Jornal Económico” (2019), the demand for professionals in the engineering field continues to rise, in many cases exceeding the supply. However, the transition from engineering to management is considered a common practice in the career of an engineer, usually after four or five years. According to Harvard Business School (2018), engineers need a very diverse range of skills in order to be successful, besides the engineering subjects and mathematics, which include effective communication, negotiation and management, and decision making.

The Engineering and Management Specialisation Course, created by and for engineers, was designed to respond to the most diverse challenges that engineers and other professionals face in their professional activity, and to improve skills to develop approaches and methods at the frontier of engineering and management, for solid and effective professional growth.

This programme consists of several Specialisation Courses, some 100% online, which allows the trainee to carry out the Program at their own pace, anywhere in the world.

Course duration: September 2020 to September 2023
Course opening hours: after working hours

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