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Lecture with executive board member at NOS captivates students from the two campuses

Jorge Graça explained the strategies that the company has drawn to face market changes and consumer preferences.

Jorge Graça, member of the Executive Board at NOS, was the guest speaker of the 7th edition of CIO@IST, held this Wednesday, November 15, at Técnico.

In a pleasant convincing tone, he explained how NOS is facing the forthcoming changes: “I want to explain you the company’s strategies based on consumer preferences. Consumers like you, for example”, he said. During his speech he also highlighted the disadvantages of the new consumer preferences “the privacy that somehow you are giving up when you watch a youtube video is not a trivial matter and I would like to stress that”, he noted.

Jorge Graça also addressed the company’s priorities, the challenges facing Artificial Intelligence and told students that “there is a chronic lack of engineers at NOS so we are counting on you in a few years”. “Experts in data science, systems architecture and network engineers will be always welcomed at NOS”, he added.