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Madeira Safe: App developed by Técnico researchers helps Madeira and Porto Santo Islands to return to normal

Apart from facilitating the entry of travelers in the region, by systematizing on a single platform the health procedures required by the regional health authorities, the app offers its users experiences and tickets to local attractions in Madeira and Porto Santo.

The new Madeira Safe to Discover App is now available. The app will allow travelers to earn free experiences by complying with the security measures undertaken by the regional health authorities to enter and stay in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. If users submit a Covid-19 PCR Test/Certificate which has been done prior to their flight to Madeira (less than 72 hours) they will have the opportunity to earn extra points.

The app structure was designed by a research team from Técnico/Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI / LARSyS), led by Nuno Jardim Nunes, and is part of the project “Maré – Anonymous Mobilization of Return to normality to mitigate the covid-19 epidemic”, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), under the 2nd edition of “RESEARCH 4 COVID-19”. The project aims to develop a versatile platform for digital tracking of people that can be used to respond to the various problems caused by the pandemic, protecting citizens’ right to anonymity.

The idea emerged as a solution to the challenge of knowing how an app could be useful in a pandemic context besides contact tracking. The project put citizens at the center of the problem instead of authorities in order to help them “to return to normal”, in a safe and reliable way, after the first covid-19 state of emergency.

The platform created by the project is ready and available to be adapted by different communities for different purposes. “We want our project to be an open and available experimentation platform for civil and scientific communities, not only in the context of COVID-19”, explained Nuno Jardim Nunes when allocating funding (Técnico website news).

The platform is being adapted to Técnico reality, through the creation of IST-GO, which will be released soon. The first versions of the APP have been ready since October, and the project has been awaiting approvals from official entities for issues such as data collection. The second versions of the APP are in progress and will be released in January.

The Regional Government of Madeira was pioneer in adapting the platform

The Autonomous Region of Madeira benefited first from the platform, adapting it to boost tourism in the region. The Madeira Safe to Discover App offers more than 80 experiences divided into two levels – Silver and Gold – which users can enjoy according to their score.

Through the app, travelers will be able to fill out epidemiological survey before or at arrival requested by the regional health authorities for entry and stay in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, as well as submit a Covid-19 PCR Test/Certificate which has been done prior to their arrival. Users can earn the highest number of points by submitting this Covid-19 PCR Test/Certificate and be entitled to a Silver experience. Points are earned as follows:

– Register on the Madeira Safe to Discover App – 5 points;
– Fill out the epidemiological survey before or at you arrival – 5 points;
– Submit a Covid-19 PCR Test/Certificate which has been done prior to your arrival – 30 points;
– Activate permission for push notifications – 5 points;
– Share the app on your social networks – 5 points;
– Use the app daily – 1 point per day;
– Confirm your health status daily by clicking on the “How I feel” tab – 1 point for each survey (with a maximum of 2 points per day).

The project aims to highlight Madeira and Porto Santo as safe holiday destinations, also seeking to boost the activity of local tourism and entertainment agents, as well as promoting a set of diverse experiences aimed at various target groups.

The app is an extension of the project that has already controlled 300,000 people at Madeira’s airports and ports.