MIRAI – An opportunity to get to know Japan

The call for applications for participating in the MIRAI project are now open. “MIRAI”, the expression that means “Future” in Japanese is the name of this mission which aims to make Japanese science, technology and culture known.

Experiencing the latest technology from Japan, visiting technology companies, research centers, a Japanese university and having contact with some of the cultural traditions of the Japanese people are some of the activities that make up the intense agenda of this mission.

This program includes a 2-day Online Pre-exchange program that precedes the trip to Japan (6 days).
More information on how to participate.  Deadline: 31st October 2021.

The process will have two evaluation phases: Técnico will select 2 applications that will be communicated to the Japanese Embassy in Portugal, which will then make the final evaluation after the students fill out the application form for the MIRAI program.