Science and Technology

New demonstrations and experiments at “Explora os Materiais”

During two weeks, the NEMat’s initiative welcomed 1600 Secondary School students together with the Physics Week, which runs at the Main Building’s lobby this week.

The initiative “Explora os Materiais” is organised by NEMat – Materials Engineering Student Group and aims to disseminate “the comprehensiveness and versatility of the course through practical demonstrations” of Materials Engineering.

The event, which is addressed to Secondary School students, included new demonstrations and experiments that delighted the participants. “This year we have experiments with a bigger visual impact, and we have already very positive reactions”, explains Madalena Garcia, member of the organisation team. “This event involves a lot of work but it’s very gratifying.”

The participants have the opportunity to carry out 20 experiments in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Physics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, which will allow them to know more about Materials Engineering. As in previous years, one of the experiments is focused on 3D printing (supported by the American Corner Portugal).

Practical applications of the course in industry are also approached. “We present the course as well as its applications in industry, which is something that the participants always appreciate”, said Madalena Garcia.

“Explora os Materiais” ends this Friday after two weeks of hard work for the 30 students involved in the organisation. “This involves a lot of time and it’s very hard, but it’s worth it.”