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Professor Arlindo Oliveira demystified Artificial Intelligence at Palácio de Belém

The President of the Portuguese Republic invited the president of Técnico to participate in the event “Cientistas no Palácio de Belém”.

Professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, was invited this Tuesday, January 22nd, to participate in the event “Cientistas no Palácio de Belém” – organised by the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic, which aims to promote young people’s interest in science. In this way, the president of Técnico shared his “passion” and “knowledge” with the young audience, demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Professor Arlindo Oliveira was able to arise students’ curiosity about AI. The impact of supercomputers in the world, the limits of their evolution, the hypothetical scenario in which some jobs will disappear and the human-machine coexistence were some of the topics addressed by the president of Técnico.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa took the opportunity to praise professor Arlindo Oliveira and Instituto Superior Técnico. “A great scientist stands in front of you today”, said the President of the Portuguese Republic, also highlighting professor Arlindo Oliveira’s “outstanding scientific journey”. “He is the president of a very important engineering school. I avoid making comparisons, but Técnico is one of the most renowned Portuguese engineering schools, both at national and international level”, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who also addressed the ethical and legal issues of Artificial Intelligence. “I was very pleased because you asked a lot of good questions about important issues”, he said to the audience.