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Professor Christopher Burd explores the Golgi apparatus

The professor at Yale School of Medicine was the invited speaker of a lecture held under the protocol between the US Embassy in Lisbon and Técnico.

The protocol between the US Embassy in Lisbon and Técnico aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and the contact with the main drivers of cutting edge research. Christopher Burd, professor at the Department of Cell Biology, Yale School of Medicine (YSM), gave a lecture at Técnico, this Monday (July 9), and shared his experiences with a large audience

In a very simple way and using illustrative images, professor Christopher Burd, explored the Golgi apparatus, explaining the composition of the plasma membrane of a cell and the complexity of the organelle membrane code. The professor also explained some of the new approaches developed to visualize protein trafficking in living cells. “Elucidating the fundamental mechanisms that separate molecules from various organelles is very important to understand the growth, the cell division and the multi cellular development. It’s also essential to understand a wide range of diseases,” said the professor.

The most adequate methods to reach the desired goals, the compounds that are crucial to mutant selection, the regulation of organelles biogenesis and the various conclusions reached to understand how these compound structures are composed, were some of the topics addressed in this lecture.