Programme “AreeiroEmpreende” – Applications open until 5th November

The Professional Insertion Office at Junta de Freguesia do Areeiro, in partnership with IST, aims to support up to 5 projects developed by teams composed mostly of Técnico students, who must develop an idea or a product that can become a business model to be implemented within 6 months and add value to the local community.

Strategic areas: Active Aging; Health in the 3rd age/Geriatrics; Mobility; Smart Cities/Ecological Cities; Local market; Municipal services; Civic participation.

Support: Up to €5000 (five thousand euros) will be awarded to each selected project (material resources and services). There is also the possibility to develop partnerships in order to test the products and/or services, by celebrating collaboration agreements with public and private local entities.

Applications are open from 15th October to 5th November 2018.

Application requirements:

– Fill in the application form available at the website of Junta de Freguesia do Areeiro.
– Send the curriculum vitae including the telephone number and the email address of all team members.
The application form and documents shall be delivered to the Professional Insertion Office, which is located at Junta de Freguesia do Areeiro, or sent by email to

An information session will take place on 29th October, at 11 a.m. – Registration form.

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