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Técnico professors win award from the British Institution of Civil Engineers

The article on composite cable-stayed bridges earned Técnico professors this important international distinction.

José Oliveira Pedro and António Reis, both professors at Técnico, won the John Henry Garrod King Medal, granted by the British Institution of Civil Engineers. The article “Composite cable-stayed bridges: state of the art”, earned them this distinction.

According to the award winners, what distinguished their article from the others was “the ability to summarise and the practical experience”. The article was published in the Journal of Bridge Engineering and it is a “scientific and technical appreciation of the developments occurred in the last decades, in a type of work that gathers relevant information to bridge engineering”, says professor José Oliveira Pedro.

This is not the first time that these two professors publish a joint article. “At this moment, we are finishing a book on bridges, which is based on our practical, scientific and academic experience and it will be published by an international publisher”, said the awarded professors.