Specialisation Course – Business Management

This course aims at the perception of the company/organisation in different contexts (from operational to strategic), such as: facilitating innovation and boosting entrepreneurship; organisational efficiency; sustainability and internationalisation. The course will also address issues related to startups facilitation, project review, mergers and acquisitions, the use of Business Angels and Balanced Scorecard use.

The specialisation course in Business Management is part of the Specialisation Programme in Engineering and Management, as optional training module.

Dates: 7th October to 4th November 2020
Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays – 18:30/21:30
Venue: Técnico – Alameda Campus
Coordinators: Professor Mónica Oliveira (DEG/CEG-IST) and engineer Joaquim Evaristo Silva.

Applications are open until 16th September 2020.

More information/Applications.