Specialisation course – Horizon Europe for companies

Applications are open until 19th October 2021.

This course will help trainees to find out how to prepare project proposals for Horizon Europe, with a high success rate, from a perspective of knowledge sharing, strengthening the link with companies, with trainers and programme managers highly experienced in proposal elaboration, management, participation and evaluation of projects carried out in consortium with companies, within EU programmes.


  • Start date: 2nd November 2021.
  • End date: 5th November 2021.
  • Course schedule: Tuesday to Friday, 9:30 am/5:30 pm.
  • Format: In-Person.
  • Duration: 24h.

Applications are open until 19th October 2021.

More information and applications.

The European Commission is starting new funding programmes for 2021-2027, including Horizon Europe, which is dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), with a budget of €95.5 million. It provides co-funding opportunities for companies that can reach 100%, for individual proposals or in consortium (depending on the programmes and types of projects). However, about 80% to 90% of the proposals are not eligible, because they don’t have the required quality or fail secondary aspects.

This course consists of several modules that intend to transmit an overview of the Programmes, present the Horizon Europe Programme, prepare a strategy for participation in projects and consortia, learn more about what type of companies the programme intends to finance and also analyse examples of proposals and cases study with experts and evaluators of the programme.