Specialisation Programme – Data Science for Engineers (DaSh)

Applications are open until 20th April 2021 - This postgraduate course is considered eligible by the José Neves Foundation (FJN), through ISA.

Data Science, a paradigmatic application of the most promising techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, stands out as the key technology for digital transformation. The Data Scientist profession was considered “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review (2012).

Data Science maintains and reinforces its vital role in organizations, by transforming data into information. This transformation allows the discovery of models capable of predicting and anticipating behaviours, both for customers and competitors, and gives organisations the necessary support to make informed decisions, in order to better prepare their present and future activity.

This programme consists of several Specialization Online Courses, so that it can be adapted to each type of knowledge in this area, thus allowing trainees to take the course at their own pace, at any part of the world. These courses have a very practical approach, so postgraduate studies allow for effective and empowering learning to enter a new profession.

Target group
Graduate professionals with prior knowledge of probability, statistics and basic programming (e.g. phyton). *

*Professionals with no prior knowledge of programming interested in this course must take an introductory course before applying.

Course structure
Schedule: After working hours.
Format: Online.
Duration: 135h.

More information and Applications.¹

¹This postgraduate course is considered eligible by the José Neves Foundation (FJN), through ISA. ISA FJN is based on Income Share Agreement model, which aims to enhance access to education through scholarships, allowing students to pay their tuition fees at the beginning of the course. Learn more about ISA FJN. / Apply here. Note: the number of vacancies is limited.