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Técnico faculty project awarded with INCM Innovation Prize 2017

The idea “Manufacture of commemorative coins, using additive technologies” ranked 2nd ensuring a 250.000€ funding.

The project developed by Técnico faculty was awarded with INCM Innovation Prize 2017. The project “Manufacture of commemorative coins, using additive technologies” aims to use additive technologies (also called 3D printing technologies) to produce discs with complex 3D details and geometries.

The project team is composed of professors Carlos Silva, Beatriz Silva, Luis Alves and Paulo Martins (IDMEC– IST), professor Ivo Bragança (ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa) and engineer João Pragana.

A prize is an extra stimulus for creativity and the team has already other ideas to be implemented in the future: “The team has other ideas for the manufacture of innovative numismatic specimens and will continue to work and collaborate with INCM”, reiterates the IDMEC researcher.

Two innovative ideas were also distinguished by INCM: the project “Intralogistics Mobile Assistant Unit for Flexible Manufacturing Systems” (INTMOB), presented by a team of researchers from Centre of Technology and Systems – Universidade Nova, who proposed to build an autonomous robot using the Industry 4.0 concept to help INCM logistics, ranked 1st. The project “BlockCarPollution”, presented by Universidade de Aveiro and Ubiwhere, aims to offer to the public transport users an intelligent rewarding system using blockchain technologies with the aim to increase the public transportation users and consequently reduce pollution ranked 3rd. These three ideas were awarded up to 500.000€, 250.000€ and 100.000€ respectively.