INCM Innovation Prize 2017 – Dissemination Session

Técnico - Alameda Campus

The INCM Innovation Prize 2017 aims to select and reward ideas that allow the creation of innovative solutions, and that could form part of the INCM’s corporate purpose, in the following areas:

•New physical and/or logical security elements to authenticate, certify, trace and validate people, acts, assets and documents.
•Information and Communication Technologies;
•New products and services;
•Development and improvement of production processes related to at least one of the following aspects:
a) New technologies or new materials;
b) Flexible, reconfigurable, intelligent, adaptive, collaborative online systems and systems for mass customization (within the scope of Industry 4.0);
c) Energy efficiency and minimization of environmental impacts;
d) New business models related to the incorporation of new technologies aimed at business digitalisation.

Prizes will be awarded to the three best ideas, as follows:

•1st Place – funding of the R&D project up to a value of €500,000;
•2nd Place – funding of the R&D project up to a value of €500,000;
•3rd Place – funding of the R&D project up to a value of €500,000.

2% of the aforementioned values are intended as a direct prize for the researchers.

Ideas must be submitted to the competition by midnight on 31 December 2017.

Applications are submitted electronically by e-mail, to e-mail, by completing form 1 and form 2.

For further information, please see the Regulations of the Innovation Prize 2017. A dissemination session will take place on October 23, at 2 p.m., in room 0.2.1 (IST Congress Centre – Alameda campus).