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Técnico professor wins important international prize

Professor Mário Silveirinha won the IET’s A. F. Harvey Research Prize for his new approach and vision of how time reversal symmetry can be broken with mechanical motion’symmetry breaking in material-photonic systems.

According to the press release issued by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), professor Mário Silveirinha (Técnico professor and researcher at IT) is “one of the most inventive engineers in his generation”. Professor John O’Reilly, Chair of the IET’s Selection Committee for the Prize, said: “Professor Mário G. Silveirinha is awarded the A F Harvey Research Prize in recognition of his outstanding research achievements and as a pioneer in the field of near-zero index materials and photonics”. A few days after receiving the prize, professor Mário Silveirinha is “happy and honoured, and above all I am motivated to work harder”.

The IET Harvey Prize Committee identifies potential candidates from around the world. The Committee draws up a shortlist of candidates from whom additional information is requested for further detailed consideration. 4 candidates were selected and then challenged to present a research project. “Among other things, I think the jury was particularly impressed by my research project”, says professor Mário Silveirinha.

According to the Técnico professor, the €390,000 prize will be used “to further my research and to strengthen my research team”. “We need to stimulate scientific employment so that the bright young people can pursue a research career”, he said. “I hope to continue enjoying my work and to contribute to improve science in Portugal”.