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Técnico researcher awarded a Medal of Honour L’Oréal Portugal for Women in Science

Carina Crucho, researcher at the Centro de Química-Física Molecular (CQFM), won a L’Oréal Portugal Medal of Honour for Women in Science.

According to Carina Crucho, researcher at Técnico, “things do not always go well in Science, because that is Science”. “It is necessary to find motivation and strength every day to believe that tomorrow will be different,” she says. On March 21, she was one of the winners of the Medal of Honour L’Oréal Portugal for Women in Science. “I am very happy to receive this award. It is always good to be recognised for our work because that gives us strength to keep doing our best”, she stresses.

The CQFM researcher won the award for her work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. “Nowadays, most of the scientific research is focused on the cure for cancer. I chose another current and important topic: the multi-resistant bacteria”, explains Carina Crucho.

The project was created bearing in mind the L’Oréal award and Carina Crucho sees it as a challenge and plans to reach her goals at short-medium term.

“Recognising the outstanding work of young scientists” and “inspiring other women to pursue a career in science, challenging mindsets, transforming systems and promoting an inclusive world based on a merit and equity policy” is the major goal of L’Oréal Portugal Medal of Honour for Women in Science. “Motivation is the key to success”, says Carina Crucho. “With hard work and dedication anything is possible. We just have to believe”, points out the researcher.

Besides Carina Crucho, also Inês Bento, from Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM), Margarida Fernandes, PhD scholar at Universidade do Minho and Dulce Oliveira, from Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera were awarded. This award is a partnership between L’Oréal Portugal, the National Commission of UNESCO and Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.