Técnico@Web Summit Tickets 2020 for R&D Community

Applications are open until 19th November.

The Web Summit is scheduled to happen from 2nd to 4th December 2020. It is the largest technology conference in the world and Técnico will be present.

This year the conference will be fully online in the format tested at the Collision at Home conference, held in Canada, in June.

Técnico Research Community will have the opportunity to participate in the Web Summit.  Técnico will offer 5 General Attendee tickets and 5 Women in Tech tickets.

Applications are open until 19th November.

The winners will be chosen through a drawing for each ticket.

About the tickets:

    • General Attendee
      Full access to Talks, panels, interactive masterclasses, face-to-face meetings, Mingle rooms, Breakout rooms and more.
  • Women in Tech
    In addition to all access and benefits of the General Attendee ticket, you will be able to participate in the Women in Tech Community and exclusive eventsduring the conference.

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Initiative organized by TT@Técnico (, Técnico’s Technology Transfer Office.

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