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The art of sustainability in the 9th edition of JEAMB

Water, spatial planning and technology were the main topics addressed in the different panels.

The 9th edition of the Environmental Engineering Seminar Series (JEAMB 2018) was focused on current topics such as water, spatial planning and countryside, as well as the impact of technologies towards environmental sustainability. The event lasted two days, 22nd and 23rd February, and attracted students and professionals from various engineering areas. “We chose a wide range of topics because it’s very important for us, as students, to have a broader perception. We believe that these topics are interesting to everyone”, said Beatriz Nunes, president of JEAMB’s organising committee.

Luísa Gouveia and Alberto Reis, from LNEG’s Bioengineering Unit, spoke about the environmental and commercial interests of microalgae, the advantages of microalgae production, the path towards their profitability and “LNEG’s interest on these subjects”.

The Green Networking panel was one of the highlights of the event and allowed students to interact with environmental engineers and representatives from companies, “who gave them the market perspective”, said Beatriz Nunes.

“Engineering students must start thinking about these issues because they are becoming more frequent and require our attention”, stressed Beatriz Nunes.