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The Mathematics of Blood

Adélia Sequeira, professor at the Department of Mathematics (Técnico) is the co-author of a work published by Springer International Publishing (MS&A – Modeling, Simulation and Applications) that illustrates applications of mathematics to various processes involving flowing blood.

Professor Adélia Sequeira is co-author of a book by professor Antonio Fasano, Emeritus professor at Unversità degli Studi di Firenze (Italy) and Scientific Director at FIAB (Fabbrica Italiana Apparecchi Biomedicali).

The book “Hemomath – The Mathematics of Blood”, is mainly intended for mathematicians interested in medical applications, but it is also useful for clinicians such as hematologists, nephrologists, cardio-surgeons and bioengineers.

Mathematical models are used to simulate processes normally occurring in flowing blood and to predict the effects of dysfunctions as well as the effects of therapies with an eye to improving treatments. This book addresses a wide range of audience due to its interdisciplinary character.

According to professor Adélia Sequeira “the book addresses a wide range of topics: from the historical perspective to mathematical modelling and physiological processes involving flowing blood.” Above all, this book is a valuable addition to mathematics, medical, biology, and bioengineering libraries.