Tuition Fee: Full Regime

For the 2021/2022 academic year, the General Council of the University of Lisbon approved the following annual tuition fees:

Whenever a student is enrolled in curricular units, the corresponding tuition fee is generated in the system, according to the study programme and the fee regime in which the student is under. By default, Técnico students are placed in the full fee regime, i.e. corresponding to the whole academic year.

Tuition Fee: Partial-time Regime

A partial-time study regime is understood as that in which the student, in each academic year, enrolls in only some of the total number of curricular units that he or she could be enrolled in the full-time study regime.

In this regime, students do not pay the full fee and can enroll in curricular units whose sum of annual ECTS credits does not exceed 50% of the maximum number of ECTS credits that are allowed to enroll full-time. Thus, it is allowed for a student to enroll a total of 42 ECTS credits/year.

Change for partial-time tuition fee regime

Students may select the partial-time regime in Fénix (Students > Academic Services), within the period defined in the Calendar of Academic Deadlines.

The partial-time regime remains valid only during the academic year for which it is requested.

Tuition fee

  • Up to 30 ECTS credits correspond to 50% of the full tuition fee.
  • From 30 to 42 ECTS credits corresponds to 70% of the full tuition fee.

Payment deadlines

  • If the enrollment refers to course units of both semesters, payment can be made in two instalments: until 15/12/2021 and until 31/05/2022;
  • If the enrollment refers to course units of a single semester, payment must be made until 15/12/2021 (1st semester) and until 31/05/2022 (2nd semester).


1. Tuition Fee

The tuition fee may be paid in full on the date of the 1st payment or in 10 payments within the deadlines announced in the Fénix system.

In addition to the tuition fee, it is also necessary to pay the school insurance and the academic fee at the beginning of each academic year. Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Bank Transfer, using the references indicated in Fénix (Personal -> Payments and Debts);
  • Card, at the counter of the Graduate Area (Alameda) / Academic Management Area (Taguspark);
  • Cash, at the Treasury (Main Building – Floor 0).

The invoice will be available in Fénix, a few days after payment and will have the students’ VAT Number (in portuguese: “número de contribuinte (NIF)”). If an invoice with a different VAT number is needed, students must request it, by email, to the Graduate Area (Alameda) / Academic Management Area (Taguspark).

Students who have applied for a scholarship (Serviços de Ação Social/DGES) under the terms of the law in force, the payment of the fees will only take place after the final decision on the scholarship application is taken.

2. Academic fee

In addition to the tuition fee and school insurance, all students must pay an annual academic fee, as per information available in the Fénix system, which includes the following documents:

  • 1 certificate of registration
  • 1 certificate of enrollment
  • 2 statements of enrollment for social services (available on the Técnico Drive)
  • 1 declaration for the public transport monthly pass (available on Técnico Drive)

The payment of the academic fee can be made until the 31st of December. If this fee is not paid on time, it will be increased by 50%.

3. Academic Insurance

All students duly registered and enrolled in a Técnico study programme are covered by a school insurance that must be paid on the deadlines announced on Fénix.

The payment of the school insurance can be made until the 31st of December.

Academic Insurance

In the event of an accident, the student must present the Personal Accident Claim form to the insurance company, after being validated by the Graduate Area (Alameda) or the Academic Management Area (Taguspark).

This document must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by the health care unit that has provided health services to the student.

Insurance Policy: Instituto Superior Técnico (ISTULisboa) – NIF 501507930: Nº ES64523937

Accident Assistance Line:

  • Phone number: 808 29 39 49 (week days from 8:00 to 20:00)
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Fidelidade – Companhia de Seguros, SA, Direção de Negócio de Acidentes de Trabalho e Pessoais, Largo do Calhariz, nº 30 – 1249-001 Lisboa

Academic Emoluments

According to Order No. 5534/2021 of June 2,2021, the emoluments practised in academic proceedings Técnico are:

According to Order No. 2130/2021 of February 25, 2021, the emoluments practised in academic proceedings at the Rectorate of ULisboa are: