Apply for an Undergraduate Programme being more than 23 years old

The Special Admission for aged over 23 applies to individuals who, accumulatively:

  • Complete 23 years of age until the 31st of December of the year preceding the application;
  • Are not holders of a National Admission for Higher Education;
  • Do not have a university degree or a previous attendance of higher education.

For further information contact the Admissions Office.


Application rounds and deadlines for academic year 2023/24 are thus:

1st Round

  1. Application submission in the Universidade de Lisboa application portal;
  2. Exams at the University’s Rectorate.

ULisboa Applications

2nd Round

Registration and application in Técnico’s application plataform, after being approved on the exams performed at the Rectorate.

  • Submission of applications: 16th to 18th of August, 2023
  • Publication of admissions results: 1st of September, 2023
  • Registration and enrolment: 4th to 8th of September, 2023

Técnico Applications


To complete the application process it is necessary to submit the following scanned documents as PDF files:

  • Recent Photo;
  • Up-to-date CV;
  • Official academic transcript of the applicant’s secondary school records with average grade;
  • Display of identification document (passport, foreign citizen card or other appropriate), or, when authorized by the candidate, a simple photocopy of the identification document;
  • Bank transfer slip of the payment for the application fee.

Application Fees

An application fee payment of € 100 is required for each application, which is not refunded after the publication of results.

  • After submission of the application process an ATM reference will be generated to proceed with the payment.
  • The payment shall be done until 3 working days after the submission and sealing the application.
  • The application fee is not refundable.

Selection Criteria

Assessment for the ability to attend an undergraduate or a 1st study cycle of an integrated course at IST includes the following components:

  • Applicant’s academic and professional CV;
  • An admission test that demonstrates the academic potential and knowledge;
  • An admission test that evaluates the scientific ability;
  • An interview to evaluate the applicant’s motivation.

The admission tests consist of a set of questions with duration of not more than three hour. The component of the tests may vary depending on the chosen academic course.

Study Programmes 2022/23

Undergraduate Programmes:

Course Vacancies 2023/24* Campus URL
Architecture1 4 Alameda
Aerospace Engineering 8 Alameda
Environmental Engineering 3 Alameda
Biological Engineering 5 Alameda
Biomedical Engineering 6 Alameda
Civil Engineering 11 Alameda
Electronics Engineering 3 Taguspark
Electrical and Computer Engineering 16 Alameda
Engineering Physics 7 Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management 6 Taguspark
Computer Science and Engineering 13 Alameda
Computer Science and Engineering 8 Taguspark
Materials Engineering 2 Alameda
Mechanical Engineering 12 Alameda
Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources 2 Alameda
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 2 Alameda
Chemical Engineering 6 Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering 5 Taguspark
Applied Mathematics and Computation 5 Alameda
1Integrated Master Programme. Access to the 2nd study cycle does not require an application, after the conclusion of the undergraduate part of the study programme.
* Vacancies to be confirmed after approval

More information:

Tuition Fees

National and EU Students: For the academic year 2022/23 the tuition fee for the 1st study cycle courses (undergraduate or integrated masters) is 697,00 euros.

International Students: Students from outside the EU that apply for an undergraduate or an integrated masters will pay an annual fee of 7000 euros.

Valores de Propinas

University M23 Open Day

At the M23 Open Day, the University seeks to bring the adult audience closer to the academic community in order to provide the confidence to enter a new challenge and clarify questions about applications.

M23 Open Day

Técnico Open Day

On the Técnico’s Open Day, it is possible to get to know the scientific areas, the courses, and the facilities, in a day with a vast program of activities that involve the entire community of the School.

Open Day

Talk with us

If you have questions on the application submission process, required documents or payments, you can contact the Admissions Office.

Application Support

If you wish to find out more about our programmes and academic experience, you may schedule a visit or a Zoom chat with the Student Support Unit.

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