14th edition – Pitch Bootcamp @Técnico


Spark Agency and TT@Técnico are offering 10 Participation Scholarships for Técnico students.

The 14th Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico will take place online, on 25th and 26th March 2021.

The Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico is an immersive experience where Técnico students and recent graduates are challenged to:

  • Recognise and develop their technical and soft skills;
  • Develop effective communication tools;
  • Think deeply about career goals and how to move forward;
  • Contact and meet the most competitive companies representatives, thus acquiring relevant knowledge about the labour market.

The activity will be held in Portuguese.
A participation fee is required (10€).

Participation scholarship
Spark Agency and TT@Técnico are offering 10 participation scholarships. Students who can’t afford the participation fee can apply here, until 23rd March.
• Important note:
°Students must submit an application form and pay the fee. Students will get reimbursed after the event.

  • If you registered for the event on March 10, check that the registration has been confirmed. If you have not received feedback, you must resubmit your application or contact Spark Agency:

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