Career Discovery Sessions 2022

Técnico - Taguspark campus

Taguspark Campus | 26th September | 12:30, Alameda Campus | 29th September | 12:00

The Career Discovery Sessions are back.

The Career Discovery Sessions aim to disseminate the activities organised by the Técnico Career Center for this academic year.

These sessions will cover topics such as:
-How can I enhance my CV and prepare myself for the job market?
-How can I improve my LinkedIn profile?
-How can I stand out during the recruitment process?

The Técnico Career Center is a platform that combines all career guidance initiatives that allow Técnico students to work on their skills and prepare them for their professional life.

Discover the Career Training Workshops, the Alumni Mentoring Programme, the Business Cards or the Summer Internships.

Career Discovery Sessions
Taguspark Campus | 26th September 12:30
Alameda Campus | 29th September | 12:00


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