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Técnico Career Sessions encourage students to make a career plan

The two sessions held this month allowed students to learn more about the Career Discovery @ Técnico programme and to understand how it will help them to enter the job market.

“How should I prepare myself for the job market?”, “What are different types of recruitment models that employers use?”, “How to stand out in a job interview?” – these are some of the questions that haunt 2nd cycle students. In order to help Técnico students find these answers, the Technology Transfer Office (TT @ Técnico) organises the Técnico Career Sessions, which aims to show them the opportunities of the “Career Discovery @ Técnico” programme and how it will help them to improve their resume.

Carla Patrocínio, coordinator of TT @ Técnico, led the session this Wednesday, October 14, at Taguspark campus, and highlighted that Técnico students are a valuable asset for companies. “You should start, as soon as possible, to prepare your career. It’s very important to understand what employers are looking for, what they expect from you, without pressure, so that when the time comes you can make the right choices”, said Carla Patrocínio. The recruitment models used by employers, the preparation that must be made in the last years of the course, and the top soft skills employers seek, were some of the topics discused during the session.

“It is important that you know which areas interest you most and identify the companies working in those areas. Talk to people who work there to understand how your training can adapt to a specific company”, she said.

The Career Discovery @ Técnico programme comprises, among other activities, the Alumni Talks, Técnico Career Workshops, Pitch Bootcamp@Técnico and the Técnico Alumni Mentoring Programme. This year, many activities took place online due to the pandemic.

In total, 323 students participated, in person or remotely, in the two Técnico Career Sessions.